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The aim of the project is to explore collaboration through conflict and to see how the three participants might use points of fracture and disharmony to build a unique and challenging artwork. Engaging closely with the writer, the exhibition and publication will develop and respond as the show evolves and mutates

Kate-Rose Carrick and Alex Schady are acquainted with the games collaborators play – particularly the need to seek convergence, agreement, clarity, openness, harmony. Starting with a contrary impulse and actively seeking out points of tension, the artists will develop their work in the gallery and respond uniquely to the space and participants’ interventions.

There will also be a public reconciliatory discussion between the writer and artists in the gallery on the last weekend of the project

Kate-Rose Carrick builds large-scale installations that explore feelings of unease and discomfort through the use of cinematic and theatrical devices.

Alex Schady uses handicraft materials and playful techniques to explore the boundaries of formlessness and chaos. Making constructions in situ from Plasticine, twigs, wool, plastic bags or fabric his work has a home made quality that always reveals the process by which it was made.

Financial support:
University of the Arts London
Southwark Council Regeration
Capital Community Foundation 

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