For his show at Coleman Project Space, Jason Coburn will be presenting Eighteen, a suite of works that re-enacts William Shakespeare’s Sonnet XVIII replacing every word with a sample found within the lyrics of contemporary love songs. These samples have been collated to constitute two different audio versions of Sonnet XVIII where the meter is given new form through a multiplicity of sound fragments.

The research for the project began in 2003 and now Eighteen is a series of duets:  2 sound works, 2 large format print works and a 2 monitor video work. In the print and video works the sound samples have been combined with a wide range of typographic fragments, taken from publications and record covers. The installation reconstructs and re-enacts Sonnet XVIII using fragments of contemporary cultural production. As such the work addresses the ‘popular’ as a contradictory space and a site of expropriation and appropriation, serving the interests of capital and resistance in often-equal measure.

Jason Coburn adopts a multitude of forms and approaches in his practice moving from one role to another in a seemingly contradictory manner.   In 2001 he collaborated on the soundtrack for Wash West’s cult film ‘The Fluffer’, and he regularly contributes to Rotterdam’s infamous ‘Fucking Good Art’ zine. Since 2002 he has been researching the interplay of forms and the exchange of values and ideas in creative and cultural practices

Financial support:
Southwark Council Regen, Kingston University ,NEC, Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden

Coleman Project Space supported by Capital Community Foundation                                                                                                                                                                          

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