Biscuit Town


Biscuit Salon

Bring along your memories, pictures & memorabilia.
Enjoy free tea & biscuits whilst sharing your knowledge with others
The salon is free and open to all ages.
We will be serving special SOS;OK Emergency biscuits, hand-made by local baker to a secret recipe.

Special Film Screening

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first documentary film
‘A Visit to Peek Frean & Co’s Biscuit Works’ & Sand’s Films
movie’ Old Ways New Ways’ which has been digitally remastered &
re-issued for this anniversary.

Multimedia Presentation

Constant programme of images documenting those people who attended the Memory Factory sessions at Coleman Project Space in 2004

The Biscuit Town project is collaboration between Coleman Project Space
and msdm assisted by Capital Community Foundation and the Neighbourhood
Renewal Unit

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