Curiosity Shop

Debra Swann has metamorphosed into translucent insects and inhabited the highest peaks of Switzerland and has swum the lower depths of the Oceans as a fantastic creation.

Curiosity Shop
sees Swann adopt a subtler persona to inhabit Coleman Project Space; to catch and refract every tension and nuance within the internal and external spaces. Playing with the methodologies of Science and Art, Swann transforms materials from prosaic life into a juxtaposition that draws on reality and creates a strange authenticity and value.

Curiosity Shop uses conventions of the museum and notions of the collection, questioning the process in which history is written and established as truth.Reflecting on the desire for fantasy and the need to escape the everyday, peculiar specimens, tools and traps are presented for the viewing public to ponder.

The Space beyond shows the workings of this collection, a sinister side of the human condition, the strange goings on of a ‘wannabe’ scientist. Experiments are taking place; specimens are kept and things are grown and bred, culminating moments of life and production,of the persona Swann has exclusively created. Curiosity Shop presents a rare opportunity to enter a fantasy place that may never again be open to the viewing public

Debra Swann lives and works in Bournemouth. A Goldsmiths College graduate with an M.A. in Fine Art Swan exhibits internationally in group exhibitions; Dreaming of a White, Arts & Business, London 2004/5; Death of Romance, Ganton Street, London 2004; Glitch, K3 Project Space, Zurich 2003; I am a Scientist, Zeppelin Project Space, Geneva 2003. In 2005 Swann attended Braziers International Artists Workshop and has also completed an artist residency in Ecole Cantonale D’art du Valais (2002 – 2004) in Switzerland

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