Web launch

Shona Illingworth has exhibited her art installations using video, film and sound internationally and previous commissions include the Hayward Gallery, and Channel 4. Showing at Coleman is Balnkeil, a first viewing of a work in progress. The artist is currently working on a publication and large-scale art installation exploring memory and trauma, developed in dialogue with Martin. A. Conway, a neuro-psychologist and leading expert in human memory research. In 2007 the project will tour Dilston Grove, London, Interaccess, Toronto, as part of the international Images Festival and Galleria Pianissimo, Milan.

Artist Mark Ingham has been researching ideas of autobiographical memory and photographs for the last 5 years. Showing thirty photographs from ‘Afterimages: Paramnesia’ a project that extends his research into the relationships between photographs and the construction of our autobiographical memories. The project is made up of a number of installations, each with their own individual title [i.e. Afterimages: Ships That Pass], that use SLR cameras and a light source to create projection apparatuses that use transparencies from his grandfather’s collection of 5,000 photographs. 

The launch of www.m-ia.net coincides with a forum of artists, curators, writers, archaeologists, geologists and researchers to discuss memory in relation to image, sound, location and culture. Outcome of the forum will be made available on www.m-ia.net linked to the BBC website, “The Experience of Memory”, to be launched in July 2006. www.m-ia.net is supported by Arts Council England.


Coleman Project Space supported by Capital Community Foundation 

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