Diorama: Sky Watchers

Anna Nordquist Andersson is interested in the gaps between different viewpoints when looking at an object or a space, and in the differences between the act of seeing and the act of being seen. Mainly through photography and installations, she confronts the viewer with sometimes complex exercises where displacement and confusion of perspectives are to be unfolded, bringing a new insight on the space we are observing.

Jonas Dahlberg searches into the meaning of the void in architecture, and into the effects of absence in space. Questioning the social and political circumstances in which spaces (urban and not) are built and then presented by the media, he reveals the subversive power of the gaze in stripping reality bare and in discovering a different and quite abstract stage where the possibilities of  our imagination are left alone to play.

David Svensson works with a variety a media which often imply the physical interaction of the viewer. His objects as well as his photographs force the spectator to participate in either a gesture or an exchange of thoughts where freedom and imagination play an important role. Functions of simple objects, forms and colours are explored, subtly turned around and shaken, bringing out their surreal and grotesque beauty.

Magnus Thierfelder adopts simple gestures and draws almost invisible lines and signs to investigate the hidden nature of the space we occupy and its less obvious meanings. By exploring the borders between the visible and the invisible, he invites the viewer to look more carefully at the objects that surround us and to read further into their apparent mystery.


Coleman supported by Capital Community Foundation 


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