WHO CARES ? Film Night

Awareness of identity and belonging have become one of the major debates within documentary television, politics and printed media in contemporary Britain. This programme of films does not operate in the same mode as purely documentary formats, nor do they pander to debates within British politics around otherness, integration and inclusion. What at first seems compartmentalised, under inspection becomes far more complex.

Is it the domestic, which often causes difficulties? Certainly it’s the particulars that matter most when speaking of fitting in. Both the maker and the subjects within these films are questioning what belonging means.

Theirs is an indirect approach to belonging. This is achieved through positioning the viewer in a difficult relationship to filmic content, funerary rituals, familicide and histories of ecology and madness.

Luke Fowler

Bogman Palmjaguar

30 mins

Marko Maetamm


5 mins

Saleh Addonia

One Early Morning

7 mins

Dave Lewis

Anywhere but Here

11 mins

Christoph Steger

Mother, 2006

6:33 mins


Frances Coleman, Bill Howard (The Projection Gallery), Ben Scott

Coleman Project Space 
94 Webster Road 
London, United Kingdom

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