Protracting  Light

Protracting Light

Simultaneous dispersion of 84 colours as circular objects from 80 endpoints of forty diagonals; pencil, oil on gesso on canvas; 73.3 x 129.3 cm,  2006-10

  • Preview :       October 26th 6-9pm 2012
  • SLAM:           Late Fridays 26th October 6.30 til late
  • Dates :          October 27th – November 18th
  • Times:           Fri-Sun 12pm -6pm & by appointment

Coleman Project Space is pleased to announce Protracting Light the solo exhibition of artist Malcolm Jones showcasing recent unseen paintings. Malcolm’s earlier works incorporated unorthodox materials, such as horsehair, plaster, objects, projections of rope, wood plastic and paint, emphasizing the process, and the physical gesture of animated objects and of the body, in its relationship to space and containment. These interests were further developed through collaborative performance work with artists and musicians, with Death to Grumpy Grandads re-enacted as part of The Whitechapel’s Short History of Performance Part 1 in 2002 Later works focused on experimentation with the formal construction of painting, to produce paradoxical counter-illusions in space. The dynamics within these paintings resulted from procedures of chance ascription and logical modification of colour swatches to circumscribe pictorial space. More recently Malcolm has introduced a randomizing grid method which describes form by rotating lines across a picture plane to generate interpenetrating coloured circular areas. Protracting Light showcases watercolours and canvases developed over a 4 year period. Malcolm Jones lives in east London and is based at Chisenhale Studios . Alumnus of University of Reading and Chelsea School of Art, he has exhibited & performed widely in the UK and abroad, namely Royal Academy, National Portrait Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery and in Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rotterdam & Brussels . Supported by Chisenhale Art Place

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