Say it in Words

Say it in Words

Say it in Words with Bastien Aubry, Nicole Bachmann, Volker Eichelmann , Clare Goodwin, Andrea Heller, Florence Jung, Sam Porritt, David Brian Smith, Shaan Syed.

Coleman Project Space is pleased to host Say it in Words, an artist-curated project by Clare Goodwin.

This group exhibition focuses on a selection of artists who, in variable ways and with different means, use words as their working ingredients. While, for some, a turn towards the written or spoken word marks a point of departure from the artworks one might associate them with, for others, the formal and/or linguistic significance of words may be central to their practice.
The shared nature of language makes every user a borrower, but in each case here the artists have chosen to recontextualise the graphical and syntaxical memes they have thieved. While essentially indebted to text-art practises past, the handling of objects and content in each case serves to propel us forward into the sign-laden,digitally influenced present. Text is extracted from the digital realm and brought back to the analog via the dogtag; written forms of expression elevated from perfunctory purpose – whether the chip shop menu or the phone-message doodle-pad  – through handmade processes; whispered into irregular narrative patterns; and reworked into new conceptual guises aboard high fashion garments and the former shop window of Coleman Project Space itself. Including works on paper, canvas, objects and audio installations, the exhibition space initially appears devoid of ‘pictures’, yet these works allow us to imagine a time, a place, or a tale. Within a landscape of words it is not long before imagery fills our minds.

  • Preview:    6 pm -9pm Friday 10th October 2014
  • Dates:      11th October – 2nd November 2014
  • Times:      Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12 – 6pm & by appointment
  • SLAM:       Friday October 31st 6.30-9pm (South London Art Map)

 featured image: Volker Eichelmann ‘untitled(Harold ActonV) 2012

courtesy Ancient & Modern’








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