Solid State -SLAM late Friday 28th 6-8.30








Preview:    21st November 6-9pm
Dates:       22nd-30th November
Times:      12-5pm & by appointment
SLAM:       28th November 6-8pm

Solid State is a new series of works by Harry Woodrow and Ben Branagan that explores the various parallels and common themes between their separate practices — connections made during years of friendship and through constant dialogue. Both share an interest in the transformative, alchemical properties of materials and the shifting, not always reliable, nature of methods employed to store and recall cultural knowledge.

Responding to the architecture of the gallery, the artists will collaborate to develop a sound installation that brings to light hidden experiential facets of the site. Using analog technology, they plan to record and play back the ambient reverberations and ghostly echoes of the gallery’s spaces in use, creating a temporary audio diary of the exhibition as it evolves and soundtrack for a series of new sculptural works In the sensory mix, the solidity of one’s perception — concerning both the place itself and the staging of the objects and interventions it houses — is open to debate.

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