Badrick and Rogers

An investigation into the times and our tangents.

James Rogers
James Rogers ‘Lord Hervey and his objects’


Preview:    Friday 20th March 6-9pm

Dates:       21st March – 12th April

Times:       Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12- 6pm         

SLAM:       Friday 27th March 6.30-8pm

Coleman Project Space is pleased to showcase new work by Henry Badrick and James Rogers

Coleman Project Space becomes the site for a set of visitor experiences designed around the pleasures and the pitfalls of negotiating a data-saturated environment. Henry Badrick and James Rogers’ collaborative investigation explores systems of control, specifically the use of social space and technology to mediate the everyday. Taking a cross-disciplinary approach, the artists draw from a rich back-catalogue of real and fictional narratives to locate junctions between art and life.

Employing hi- and lo-tech equipment and processes ― from a self-made 3-D printer to found objects, text, paintings and photography ― Badrick and Rogers’ theatrical inventions encourage one to question notions of engagement, and spectacle, as variably shaped by cultural institutions, corporate and municipal governance, and the ‘open’ platform of the web. The materially sensitive, lightly satirical nature of their enquiry pitches the viewer into the associative distance between the positive employment of tools in the digital age, and the possibility of becoming one as a mere user of branded media and information.

Woodcut;Henry Badrick
Henry Badrick ‘Woodcut’







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