Natascha Young 

Preview ; Friday 13 July 6-9.30

Dates : 14.7.18 – 22.7.18

Times:12-6pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday

A 35,000-year-old mammoth ivory carving was found in south-west Germany in 2008. It is thought to be the oldest example of figurative art. Known as the Venus of Hohle Fels, this Swabian figurine of essential proportions depicts the female form, a kind of archetype; a contemporary lineage of the mitochondrial venus.

Coleman Project Spaces’ short showcase is designed to offer artists a test-bed space for work in progress. Natascha Young, a artist living and working in London, will present work from a three-year project that began with a daily carving ritual, #venusaday. It has grown to incorporate many technical processes and material means of exploring ideas around maternal inheritance and its un/intended consequences. Expect to trace a future lineage comprising Valchromat maquettes, CNC-milled frescos and 3D-printed PLA nylon drawings.

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